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Fatal Exceptions.


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I leave utorrent working in the nigth or when i dont need to use the computer. And when i check it after an hour or hour and a half, always encounter a damn blue screen:

Fatal Exception OE 0028:C00AA912 in VXD VSDATA98+0002:C5EA and so....

I cant remember the exact messege but it's pretty much that. I use Zone Alarm 6.1.737.000 and disable AVG and SpyBoot when utorrent is running.

Run Memtest, Spybot, AVG and ScanDisk in full mode and found nothing.

I search the Microsoft Knowledge Base and Zone Labs site and found nothing. But VSDATA95 is in some way related to Zone Alarm according to the info I found in internet.

¿Could you help or point me in some direction?

PD: Sorry about my english. I live in Argentina and i only use to write in Spanish :D

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if you got a spare pc and 2 nic's for said pc laying around, then i recommend using linux as a firewall

if not get a router easier than a firewall and does the same thing and you can have multiple pcs connected at once

I live in Argentina. Here, 1 Dolar = 3 Pesos. So...no, i don't have a spare PC :D:D:D

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