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Using uTorrent on a network thats bans p2p....


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Hi all,

I'm currently studying in London and I live in a flat with wireless internet. We have an access point plugged in upstairs that I connect to and I would like to be able to download a couple files from Utorrent however first off I'm positive the port is blocked, but that is not the problem as I dont mind slow download speeds...

my problem is the network admin has us all registered to use the network via our MAC addresses (however the access point allows anyone to connect with the password). Is there anyway to hide my IP/MAC when downloading to avoid being noticed as a high bandwidth user? anyone?

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See if you can get a wireless link to somewhere else or a different ISP.

Or if you must use that one for uTorrent...use extremely conservative settings, like 64 kilobit/second upload settings in my speed guide (2nd link in my signature).

...with DHT, LPD, Resolve IPs all disabled.

...AND bt.connection_speed and net.max_halfopen both set to 1-4.

You might also want to limit download max speed to 100 KiloBYTES/second or less.

And maybe either only run it during the night...possibly using scheduler.

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