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uTorrent causes rebooting my system sometimes


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Unfortunatly I got randomly reboots when I'm using uTorrent or any other torrent client.

I don't know why torrent clients causes my pc to reboot sometimes. What would it be ? The Network/chipset etc. drivers ? Would a system reinstallation help ?

I doesn't matter how many connections I allow the my system (XP) will crash and reboot at sometime.

I'm using Zone alarm as Firewall which should not effect this because I got the reboot also with other firewalls.

Is this problem common here?

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When it reboots, do you see a blue screen? If so, write down exactly what the blue screens hows (exact error message, any files referenced). If the blue screen flashes too quickly, then disable automatic restart:

Start > Run > sysdm.cpl > Advanced > Startup and Recovery > Options > System Failure > Automatically restart

(Uncheck it, and confirm on all open dialogs)

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hi I don't get a bluscreen the system just restarts. I know unchecked the automatically restart... hope this helps


I still got the message. the bluscreen says


then I deactived the non used and installed LTP and COM PORT in BIOS

after that I got the message Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal after 30min runnin Utorrent...

what can I do ? Is it a problem that my grafic card and network adapter are using the same IRQ ?

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