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Arbitrary Connections without torrents


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I just installed uTorrent, booted it up and Little Snitch informed me of 4 outgoing connections. Two seemed legit, the other two were some random IP connections.

I denied them, quit, and restarted. This time I only got one of the connections I considered to be legit and 6 subsequent IP connections.

Both of these are without having loaded any torrents.

Now, I'd love to switch from the bloated vuze, and the perpetually crashing transmission. However, random outgoing connections from software that isn't open source seems a bit odd?

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Well, I assumed they were outgoing but it actually doesn't specify.

Here are some of the connections: on UDP port 16001

118-170-78-94.dynamic.hinet.net on UDP port 16001 on UDP port 16001 on UDP port 12079 on UDP port 27783

adsl190-027000096.dyn.etb.net.co - UDP 20533 on UDP port 55490

and then it tried twice more.

Any idea what these are? I tried to do a search on the forums but couldn't really come up with anything.

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