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Port: forward or not


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So I downloaded uTorrent v1.8.2. There was a window when I started the program, I set the connection speed but ignored the port and started to download some stuff. At the bottom of the window there was a small yellow triangle that when I hover over it, il tells me that my network is not working properly while I am able to downloaded my things at very good speeds. So I double-clicked that and check my port. It gave me an error. I followed the instructions on portforward.com and succesfully forwarded my port (the triangle turned into a green ball) but I am not able to notice any difference. There is no change in speed, it didn't go any faster or slower, upload speed is also still the same. I disabled the port forwarding on my router, the green ball turned back into a yellow triangle but I am still able to download! Currently the port is forwarded but why should I do this if I don't notice any changes? I use a D-link DIR-615 router.

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