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Win32 error.

Madame Amour

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I previously downloaded the new version of uTorrent, but I was having some problems with it, so I uninstalled it and attmepted to re-download the program; however, now when I try to re-install it, a message pops up stating that uTorrent is not a valid Win32 application. Are there any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Edit: I felt the need to re-install the program because it was randomly freezing and wouldn't save my uploaded torrents to a certain extent. I was hoping to receive better results once I re-installed uTorrent.

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I'm having the same problem Win XP did they compile it for 64 bit & put that on the page that it doesn't work for us.

Please look into this, since many are having the problem it seems there's a problem with the file on the website

I tried the auto update thru UTorrent & also manually donwloading it from the site after renaming the old one.

Good thing I kept the old one since the current one doesn't work

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