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Don't automatically delete .torrent file


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uTorrent don't automatically delete .torrent file then I click "remove and / delete .torrent + Data" if:

"Move .torrents for finished jobs to" is checked and my .torrent file copied to other directory...

"Automatically load .torrent from", and "Delete loaded .torrents " - where was also checked, so .torrent file:

- puts to /firefox/ directory first

- moves to /uTorrents_Files/ directory to store...

The problem is important becouse my torrent take the old "deleted" .torrent file and start downloading ONCE MORE after I use "remove and / delete .torrent + Data". So now I goes to my /uTorrents_Files/ and delete the .torrent file manually each time!

I think You should check and try to delete the .torrent file at ALL possible location...

(my version 1.8.2)

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