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uTorrent causing browser failure


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whenever i run utorrent now it causes my internet connection to fail. my browser stops working followed by msn later while utorrent keeps working. its not a slow connection its purely refusing to connect while 2 other ppl on my network continue to have internet. how do i fix this?

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i took a look at it and configured to those specifications and it actually made it WORSE. now not only does my connection suffer catastrophic failure when i merely open utorrent but since i did those changes utorrent itself fails now and refuses to reopen after i close it...

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I have exactly the same problem. When I start Utorrent I'm not able to use my browser anymore. Howerver Utorrent works fine, as does Yahoo messenger. The problem started after I upgraded to the latest Utorrent version. Never had problems before that. Only way for me to fix the problem is a reboot

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fyi because utorrent crashes my internet when i open it, to open it to get the info will cause me to be unable to check a few things on the internet that are linked threw utorrent.

1 other note, this problem started out of nowere , made no changes

info we might need if nothing else helps:


* actually made the problem worse, causes utorrent to fail to reopen after (a full reboot is required)

* Color of the network status light in µTorrent's status bar: caution symbol

* What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes: cant check, use to be greenlighted before the problem dont know about now

* What the Speed Guide shows your settings to be: 100 connections per torrent, 6 max connections, 6 upload slots, 600 connections global, 5 max downloads

* What you have net.max_halfopen set to: 8

* Operating system installed: vista home premium 32 bit

* Security software installed: comodo firewall, windows firewall, nod32

* Exact router model: motorola sb5102

* ISP: shaw cable

* Connection type: cable

* the results obtained from the speed test: 1890 kbps download 960 kbps upload

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