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Can not solve Hard Disk Overload problem! (uT 1.8.1)


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I have an own dedicated server (Windows Server 2003), and my friends and me are using it as a seedbox.

There are about 6-7 users on the server and about 5 torrents/user. So ~35 torrents running. (max 10 up connection; max 50 peer / torrent).

We are using it as a Terminal Server, connect via Remote Desktop, so 6-7 utorrent.exe are running at the same time.

The performance is:

Intel Celeron 2,66GHz (I know it's old, but it's more than enough for uTorrent)

250GB Western Digital HDD (With the 7 users on it)


uTorrent 1.8.1

1Gb/s connection.

My problem is that, I have already tried my best, but the hdd is overloaded 100%.

( Please check: hdd.jpg )

As you can see, my connection is unstable, and a lot of bandwidth are unused because of the HDD. (Please check: bandwidth.jpg )

In the advanced settings I've set:

- diskio.flush_files : false;

- diskio.coalscale_writes: true;

- diskio.sparse_files : true;

and now I use these settings for the disk cache: ( Please check: diskcachesettings.jpg )

Please help me!

I think I've already read all the topics dealing with this problem, but I can't solve my problem.

I've already tried a lot of variation, but none of them worked for me!



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I've checked it, but the current transfer modes are Ultra DMA mode 5 and the other is Ultra DMA mode 2.

I don't know much about this PIO/UDMA modes, so I hope I post the things you ask.

BTW: I've also disabled my antivirus (NOD32) with hope, but nothing changed.. HDD is already working on 100% - avg DL 7,68Mbit/s & avg UL 17,9Mbit/s :(

(With 1 user, 5 torrent I usually get ~65Mbit/s avg DL & UL)

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It probably doesn't help all the random reads and writes is not allowing the disk to keep up with the activity. Have you considered capping the bandwidth of each of the users to reasonable levels so no one account takes up disk activity? You can also consider getting striped data drives (RAID 0)? Since the torrent content is temporary anyway, I wouldn't think it'd be a big deal if the RAID drive broke and you had to rebuild.

> - diskio.coalscale_writes: true;

> - diskio.sparse_files : true;

Some may disagree, but you could experiment with setting each of them to t/f, f/t, or f/f. Coalescing writes can sometimes cause disk performance issues because of the short heavy load versus sustained load. Same idea for sparse_files.

Also, if you are primarily seeding, defragmenting the files (contig.exe) will improve performance. Since the NTFS drive is likely formatted in 4k clusters, you will most likely have fragmented reads on 2MB or 4MB torrent content pieces. You can eliminate the fragmented read if your files a defragged.

What do you think DWK?

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Did you try uninstalling NOD32? Sometimes disabling isn't enough.

I think I disabled it successfully. Not just exited, but disabled IMON, AMON, etc..

Maybe the problem is not the nod32 ( Please check: tasklist.jpg )


Thanks for the reply!

I had changed the diskio.coalscale_writes, diskio.sparse_files settings, because the other users on my server said this tip after the overload. These setting really do nothing good, and I've read that these can cause fragmentation, but I haven't changed them back yet.

Limiting the speed is not good for me, because the server has 1Gbps connection, and we use only about 10-20Mbps. I know that RAID could be a solution, but nowdays I have no more money for the server. So now I have no idea. :(

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