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How to re-name a file without breaking the torrent/seeding

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This forum is NOT for help with anything you've downloaded! Ask for help with downloaded files and the thread will be deleted.

Posting about any illegal sharing of copyrighted content is strictly FORBIDDEN.


I have read the warning. I post here because my question is related to the torrent protocol. It is not about file content or the downloaded content (beside there are many torrent without copyright and perfectly legal). So, please DO NOT delete my post, but MOVE this post on the board, if I don't use the proper forum. I don't know much about the torrent protocol. I believed a torrent relied on the hash file, but I must be wrong, since changing a file name break the torrent.



I have a BIG problem for quite some time now. Anytime I make some order inside my torrent folders (renaming/deleting unnecessary files and folders) it breaks the connection with the torrent and I cannot seed anymore.

NB: This is a post downloading issue (not the content selection I can do before initiating the download)

Question: How can I re-name a file or modify the content of a torrent completed and keep (or re-initiate) seeding?

Ex (original torrent):

Folder: Some.name.some.definition.some.uploader

File: Some.name.some.definition.some.uploader.exe

File: Important.message.from.the.developper.doc

File: My.other.projects.nfo

File: Some.name.nfo

Case A: I want to rename and keep the file only (+re-initiate the seeding)

e.g. File: File Name.exe

Case B: I want to keep the folder and rename the file + nfo, but remove the unnecessary content (+re-initiate the seeding)


Folder: File name

File: File Name.exe

File: File Name Info.nfo]

How can I do that?

Thanks you for your help.

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point 1: so only a pre-selection is possible (before downloading the torrent)

point 2: what is re-targeting (sorry, limited English here)? I don't have problem moving the torrents around and re-initiating the seeding with new location.

The question is: can I rename, in any manner, the files and folders associated with a torrent file without breaking the connection?

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Stop the torrent, move/rename the files, then go to the Files tab for the torrent and right click -> Relocate. You can even move individual files to other drives like this.

You can also move or rename the folder itself. You can tell uTorrent the new location by right clicking on the torrent itself and going Advanced -> Set Download Location.

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