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Tracker Problems


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Greetings all,

This is the first time I have used Utorrent, I have the following Tracker problems................

Connection Closed by peer

Off Line

HTTP Error 503.

I have Window XP SP3

I use DSL Router 3COM.

Utorrent 1.8.2

I have read the FAQ's before I posted this but found nothing to address this issue, on installation of Utorrent the port forwarding was ok.

Thank you your help will be much appreciated.

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Hi DreadWingKnight,

Thank you for your reply, I am downloading Openoffice torrents now, I will let you know what happens in 3 hours.


Update 1:13.

As Admin wouldn't let me reply in the normal way, thank you very much DreadWingKnight, fantastic 99% of the trackers are working, however speed seems to be an issue now, I won't bother you with that as there are hundreds of posts about speed problems and I'm sure something will turn up.

Again many thanks.

About 10mins ago I checked on my down load all Trackers have failed to HTTP 503 and Connection closed.

Any ideas why after a great start good speed plenty of Tracker it has slipped back again, red download icon and yes this is with open office.


Still showing HTTP Error 503 and Connection Closed by peers, however download still going with Peers only, DHT, Local Peer, and Local Peer Discovery working, I have a download

speed of between 8.1 KB/s and 21 KB/s 14 Trackers all the above.


No way did I want to produce multiple threads, but with this system of editing I felt that my request for help would be left behind, in any other forums replies are made to update, pass new information edit is to correct grammar punctuation etc not to add new information.

I'm sorry this went wrong, this is your forum and I must observe the rules and regulations.

Going back to the original problem, It has started working again all trackers are online.

You can be assured DreadWingKnight I won't make the same mistake again and I'm sorry for any inconvenience I caused, and with that I hope that I can come back to this forum should I have any other problems or informatiom about Utorrent perhaps to help others.

Thank you.

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Have you researched what "HTTP Error 503" means?

Do you see any error messages in your software firewall/s around this time?

At this time, we know neither your settings in uTorrent, the speeds of your connection (down AND up), nor how hostile your ISP is to BitTorrent traffic.

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Hi Switeck,

In short HTTP Error 503, It can mean that a required program has not yet been started on the server or has crashed.

HTTP 503 might indicate other types of network or server errors.

You often see HTTP 503 when a website has exceeded its monthly bandwidth allowance.

A Connection to a database has failed or is misconfigured.

The server may be forbidden from giving you the requested document.

No my Firewall gives no indication of any problems, and I use avast anti virus, at this moment U torrent is holding steady at 27KB/s.

How do I find out if my ISP is hostile or not, I don't think it's hostile as all trackers are working fine.

I had BitComet (possibly a swearword here) and the download rate was very much the same.

My connection speed is 512MB but very rarely get that.

Utorrent settings............


Maximum upload Automatic

Global D.L. rate 60

Global Max number of connected Peers 130

Maximum number of peers 70

Number of upload slots 3

Listening Port 57687.

I don't know if this is a coincidence but as soon as I did an AD-ware sweep all tracker working, also I'm not really bothered about the slow speed at least it's now working.

Thank you.

I have just checked my download all Trackers again at HTTP Error 503, it was running well for about two hours, a change of server might help.

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So a HTTP Error 503 could mean any of a number of causes.

Presumably, the trackers/servers haven't crashed or exceeded their monthly bandwidth allowance.

A database connection failing or being misconfigured would probably mean something on your computer's systems acting nutso...any chance you're using an external USB or network attached hard drive?

Lastly, if the server/trackers are forbidden from giving you the "requested document"...wouldn't make much sense either unless your TCP link to them is getting pretty corrupted, once again probably by something locally on your computer or network.

"My connection speed is 512MB but very rarely get that."

More like never! MB = MegaBYTES

You probably have 512 kilobits/second -- some 8000 times slower than 512 MegaBYTES/second!

However your upload is probably even less -- maybe even below 100 kilobits/second during peak hours.

"Maximum upload Automatic"...may not be adapting well to what you really have available, though it's likely to be set slower than faster.

GOOGLE searches for hints about your ISP becoming hostile to BitTorrent. And/or ask people locally, such as at a major computer store. Surely someone who works there has the same ISP as you...and possibly uses BitTorrent as well?

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Hi Switeck,

" any chance you're using an external USB or network attached hard drive? "

No Internal USB's only the Router is external, I do know from experience that my current server is having problems losing customers to the vast amount of new servers being set up.

One thing I don't understand is for about two hours everything was fine, all tracker working away no problems and my download would of been finished in 9 hours.

So basically I have to live with it for the time being, I will check my system in case I have missed something, do you have any idea what might cause this type of error to be caused by my computer.

Thank you Switeck.

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If you're using USB instead of Serial ATA for your hard drives...I'd blame that right there. :P

Webui and remote desktop are prone to problems, thanks to Microsoft bugs/issues. :(

Wine still isn't "perfect" for running uTorrent, but the latest generally won't crash...

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Thanks Switeck,

So the prognosis is not good for the time being, two things I've done since my last post I have checked out my 3Com router and the firewall is disabled also I have been looking into the correct configuration of my Windows firewall, perhaps I'm clutching at straws, also as I have read this problem is widespread for various reasons.

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Hi Switeck,

" Your exact problem is at least slightly unusual...most everyone else gets different error messages than 503."

Hmmmm that's comforting LOL, this is what I found out today at work, talking one of my mates he told that when he had Lime Wire he had the same problem as me, once he uninstalled 503 had gone.

I don't know if Lime wire could inflict a 503 error, the first thing I did when I got home beside saying hello to my wife uninstall Lime wire, at the time I was running Utorrent with HTTP Error 503 as soon as Lime wire had gone all Trackers working.

I'm hoping that this is NOT just another coincidence and this very frustrating 503 error has gone for good.

Also if it's not Lime Wire for sure it will be a Bandwidth problem from my server.

Thanks Switeck

Just to update you, No problems Utorrent has been running for 4hrs, all trackers working, just a thought and as someone else has suffered from this with Lime Wire perhaps this is a bug.

OK now I feel silly I have just read all the problems that Limewire can produce, I got rid of it I didn't like it anyway LOL

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Hi Switeck,

Well we live and learn, well Utorrent is working well I got my movie at long last, and just for the hell of it I'm going to upgrade my server, running on 256k simply can't handle any downloads except something at 4mb running at 25KB/s to 27KB/s, I saw a post here someone was complaining that he had only 50KB/s wow I dream of that LOL.

Well with that thank you both Switeck, DreadWingKnight for your hard work in setting me straight in more ways than one, I really appreciate your help and support.

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