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Torrents I Create Lose Data


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I have created a lot of torrents, and have had a few issues with some but nothing like this.

I noticed a couple weren't seeding as I thought they should. These were all torrents I created.

So I stopped the torrents and hit force re-check for each one.

Of the 55 torrents I created (over the last year) and was seeding, 11 of them came back to me as missing files.

These were CDs with songs.

Of course those missing parts go into the download section of uTorrent and of the 11 torrents missing parts only 5 had additional seeders.

This was good as within 5 minutes those other seeders restored the torrents I started as correct. As I was able to get the parts that somehow went missing.

This left 6 torrent where I am the only seeder, two new ones I created within the last week and 4 others created over the last six months.

Now if I created the seeds, is it possible for me to get hose back? And how can the recheck show that there is now less data in the torrent?

I mean if I right click and hit "go to open containg folder" this has 10 files (songs) at 68.9MB but the recheck says it is only 67.00MB.

Since I created the torrent how can there be LESS data in the torrent. Obviously since there are other seeders at one time the data was correct.

Anyway is there anyway other than recreating the files from scratch to fix this? I hate to have people have to redownload the whole thing.

And how can one prevent this? I never move or touch any files in the files I create torrents for. I never touch that area.

It is usally two or three percent?

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