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Again, weird download speeds


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I don't understand utorrent at all. I'm still using 1.8.2 version, and confused about some torrent's speed.

At first it downloads it fast then when it reaches about over 70 % it slows down and when it is in 90% it slows down even further meaning about 20-50 kbs.

I have downloaded slackware iso file much faster and it didn't slow down than this other torrent.

Oh and torrent i'm talking about is about 8-9 gigs large, and all files are in avi video format. So i'm getting pissed of utorrent since i always thought i could download those video files within 12-14 hours, but i could not since it slows down too much.

So how i could i get utorrent work properly.

Oh and i'm using cable, 30/1 connection, Netgear CM232, windows xp sp3, f-secure firewall, have disabled DHT/UPNP/NAT-PMP and using 55645 port witch has green connection.

Could someone please help me, since i don't understand utorrent sometimes.

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Speeds were never guaranteed.

The reason for the speed difference comes from the fact that the first 70% has a LOT of people with it, and the final 30% starts having reduced availability, resulting in more demand for the pieces and less people available to upload them.

Follow the connection setup guide, adjusting speeds for your connection's UPLOAD rate and don't be so impatient.

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