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Torrent Status: Finished -> what exactly does that mean?


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When I change the status of a completed torrent to "Finished", is my "presence" or my IP address still advertized with respect to that torrent? Am I still listed as a seed?

Does the answer depend on my settings for "Enable DHT network", "Local peer discovery", or "peer exchange" ?

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Then explain this.

I have about 2-dozen torrents that are "finished". I have 3 that are "stopped". uT is showing no apparent UL or DL activity.

I reset my dsl connection to obtain a new IP address. I then started watching my router's in-coming and out-going connection logs. For a few minutes, there was no activity.

Then I started to see lots of activity on my uT in-bound port from external IP addresses. About one per second. I'm seeing a lot of the same IP's in both the in-bound and out-bound logs, indicating that external IP's are connecting to my uT port and uT is talking back to them.

Again I ask, is this because I have an inventory of torrents (and their current "finished" or "stopped" state is irrelevant) or is this because I have "DHT network", "Local peer discovery", and "peer exchange" enabled?

Otherwise, please explain the activity I see in my router logs if uT is currently not seeding or downloading any torrents.

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