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Good morning

I want to ask a question about torrent downloads. So, I did PrintScreen-Copy. But when I want Paste to this message the "Paste" doesn't stay active and I can't Paste the image.

Please how can I do to succeed?

Thank you.


I'm going to introduce my problem:

After the torrent download ends, the last 3 or 4 times, when installing I obtained the following message from my AVG Free:

Resident shield alert

Acessed file is infected

Filename C:\DS\JP\Definições locais\Temp\codeclc.exe

Threat name : Trojan horse Dropper.Small.A/Y

Detected on open

Is there anyone with this problem so many times? What can I do to bypass it?

Thank you and cheers.

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Thank you your answer, Ultima. I understand it and it is evident.

But my doubt was (is) if there were more complaints of somebody. To conclude if the virus is from the filetorrent and it is general or from my PC and it is only my problem.

Anyway thanks again for your help.


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