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Bug in File List? Mac Beta

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I'm downloading a torrent at the moment and the file list seems to have a bug. There are 31 files inside the torrent.

The first is a .dmg file, which is followed by 28 files within a .app, then another .dmg and finally readme.rtf.

While all files are evenly spaced on their own rows, there is one exception. The last file of the .app seems to be merged with the one above, a .png image. By "merged" I mean there is no vertical spacing between the last two files of the .app, and extra space below. When I select the last file in the .app, uTorrent appears to select two and a half files (the last file in the .app, one below it and half of the one above) in the "Path" column, yet in all other columns (including the "Name" column) only that item is selected, as you would expect.

Of course, by hiding the Path column and instead displaying the Name column, the bug is invisible, but it would be interesting to know what's causing it. If an admin wants to know which torrent it is to test / recreate it then send me a message and I'll give you a link.

Screenshot here: http://blinky981.deviantart.com/art/uTorrent-quot-Path-quot-Bug-118273774


Forgot to say which version of Mac I'm using...

I'm on Leopard 10.5.6 and this is the first time uTorrent's been installed, so there's no old settings either.

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I know that a .app is essentially just a folder with a special "system" extension, but I was just pointing out that the problem is happening with the last two files inside the app. I don't know if it's just a coincidence or not, but I thought maybe it could be possible that it was related, even though it's unlikely.

It just seems unusual that the "Path" column appears to be super-scripted, in comparison to every other column, and it only affects one row. I haven't tried any other torrents yet that have a large (ish) number of files, but I may do tonight to see if it happens with other torrents also.

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