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Corrupted download


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Hi my torrent is 7GB large and it is completed but whenever I extract I get the file is corrupted, I checked the packets in the files of the torrent and some of them are 95% done while most are 98%

Any ideas how to fix those packets and fix the download so it downloads completely? I heard force re-check works but how do I do it?

The torrent is currently seeding at 100% atm and I am not gonna remove it before I get my answer, I made months downloading it as my connection isn't exactly the fastest (It's not dial-up either tough so I don't have the worsth)

I am using Utorrent right now.

Please help me on this, Thanks in advance.

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Stupid me >_< I mistakely written bittorrent instead of Utorrent, I am using Utorrent, I fixed my post, Anyway I'l try as you say.

EDIT:I got one piece stuck at 95% and I even turned off firewall, How do I continue that piece and have the full file not corrupted?

nvm I am downloading now, I'l re-recheck it after fully downloaded and update the post to say if my prob is solved or not.

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