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How does the announce works in a local network?


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I have 2 PCs here, one with IP and other with

my PC is with utorrent 1.6

the other PC,, has utorrent 1.8.2

When I download a file from a certain tracker in the internet, and PC is the seeder, the download comes through the local network, with 100mbit/s in my case.

So, after this, when I look in the tracker, the tracker receives the information that has really downloaded the file, but does not receive the information that has sent the file!!!

Resuming, the report works to whom is downloading but not for who is uploading.

Is that right??

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I already knew that...

My ratio, in my comunity is 1.2 and I keep saying to everyone to keep ratio close to 1... ratio 0.99 is better than mine for exemple...

whatever, my brother owns this other PC and he does not allow me to use it

so one way to have that file is download it using the tracker and the utorrent

and its a solution to him, because his ratio is too low... BUT, even if I download it from him, Im not helping him

so, thats why Im asking: is there any restriction to the uploader?

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It would be easy to cheat a tracker if it local IP to local IP data transfer was recorded. Your brother is not "uploading" in the Bittorrent sense because the the transfer is taking place on the local network. The traffic never enters the wide area network (WAN), just LAN.

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If both clients are using the same torrent to seed/download, and the tracker isn't recording the upload, take it up with the tracker :/

Tell them your situation, see if they can tell you why it's not working... Sometimes upload isn't recorded on older software until the client sends EVENT=STOPPED (after you pause for a long time, or STOP the torrent in uT)

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