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Tcpip.sys Doubt!


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Hi everyone... Brazil here!!

I install my windows XP sp3 yesterday and i have been problems to configure tcpip.sys. First i need to know, what is the recomended value of half open connections?? I change the default value of windows to 100, using the tcpip-patcher-hwrms, and change the dafault value of utorrent 1.8.2 to 100 too. But i already read that for sp3 the recomended is 256.

Please give to me the recomended value of half open connections to my Windows ( XP sp3) and to uTorrent (1.8.2), ok??

Thank you for your time and help!!

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The recommended value is "leave it alone." Set net.max_halfopen to 4 or 2 if you're having connection problems due to half-open connections.

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php … 39#p368139

LEAVE it at default.

Ok guys, I already change for default half open connections on XP (10 connections), and already change net.max_halfopen to 4 connections.

Ultima, thank you a lot for the help, the message at the link that you give me was really good!!

Thank you too, jewelisheaven!

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uTorrent's half open limit (net.max_halfopen in advanced settings) should NOT be set as high as window's limit...or there WILL be problems. :P

In any case, setting uTorrent's half open limit will gain little going beyond 20...except to continually retry failed ips faster. In short, waste bandwidth and actually SLOW DOWN your downloads and uploads!

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