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Help norton IS 2008 blocking utorrent? unable to download torrents


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I'm using windows xp and i just installed norton internet security (NIS) not long and realise i am unable to download torrent files using utorrent. Prior to NIS 2008, i was using NIS 2007 which worked well with utorrent with port forwarding. However, after NIS 2008 installation, my download speed dropped to 0kb/s with only 1-2 connections with peers and/or seeders which does not allow me to download torrent files... I have unblock utorrent in NIS 2008 but the problem still persists...Would be glad if someone could kindly assist me. I'm at total loss, i tried to search the net for ans but none was able to ans my problem.

I've got a feeling it has something to do with NIS 2008 configuration but i'm not sure how to go about solving it.

(note: i'm not good with computers, would be people if someone could give me some step by step instructions to solve this problem and i'm not very familiar with computer terms, had alot of problems doing port forwarding last time and up till now i don't really know what these terms mean in port forwarding)

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