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error: bad file descriptor

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hello, i have the same problem. yes, i do have access to where it is saving. in fact, it was a torrent that i downloaded one internal file, and wanted to download the rest to the exact same location. nothing has changed, and utorrent itself had not been stopped or started since trying this. thanks!

(later ..."double posts are not allow" - slightly annoying, but edit is fine)


the only way i could get it to continue was... i moved the files i already downloaded to a different directory, then selected "remove from list," then, re-imported the torrent again (and, deselecting the files i already downloaded). now it works fine. same torrent, from the same place, downloading to the same place before.

hope this info helps. thanks!

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I'm having the same problem spleen described above and I have read/write access to the partition so that's not the problem.

Somehow I've managed to temporary solve this deleting the .dat file utorrent creates in the destination folder and re-checking the torrent.

Console messages:

16/05/09 20:06:33 uTorrent[1712] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrent_TorrentFileAdded ****

16/05/09 20:06:33 uTorrent[1712] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrent_TorrentFileAdded ****

16/05/09 20:06:38 uTorrent[1712] *** _networkReachabilityChangedCallback got flags: -r-----

16/05/09 20:06:38 uTorrent[1712] networkReachabilityDidChange: NSConcreteNotification 0x1b8098b0 {name = BitTorrentNetworkReachabilityDidChangeNotification; object = 1}

16/05/09 20:06:49 uTorrent[1712] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrent_TorrentFileRemoved ****

16/05/09 20:06:57 uTorrent[1712] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrentError ****

16/05/09 20:06:57 uTorrent[1712] Notification: BitTorrentError

16/05/09 20:07:24 uTorrent[1712] **** Posting Msg: BitTorrentError ****

16/05/09 20:07:24 uTorrent[1712] Notification: BitTorrentError

And utorrent message log:

IO Error:9 line 1921 align:-99 pos:0 count:55354 actual:-99

Hope this helps, if you need any extra info I'll be here.

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I have a similar issue.

I download a file for a multi-file torrent and seed fine. But if I want to download another file from the same torrent, uT gives me the "bad data file" error.

The only solution I've found is to go to the location where files are downloaded, delete the .dat file, then force uT to recheck data and press start.

This never happened in earlier versions.

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I have the same problem. I thought it was because I was trying to download to my external drive. I have accidentally opened uTorrent with the drive off. But even when the drive is on I get the error.

I am using 0.9.2 (16917). Deleting the .dat file fixes the problem for a while, but it often happens again on the same torrent.

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I just wanted to share my story on this.

This started happening after updating uTorrent to the latest version (1.8.2 build 29019). Don't know which version I had previously, probably a quite old one.

Anyway, updating to the latest beta version or downgrading to earlier versions didn't help.

Putting the affected torrents on another drive didn't help. Deleting the .dat files etc didn't help. Repairing the disk permissions didn't help either.

Here's how I finally got it to work (these settings are only accessable through the Web UI):


I had most of these checkboxes checked before.

I've had no issues at all after applying these settings.

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