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Error: Parameter is Incorrect


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I was downloading Debian via uTorrent, and it had completed 95.5%. I was downloading it into my 20GB external flash HDD. Because of my massive download queue, I forgot about it, and started downloading other things. Yesterday, I saw the 95.5% completed Debian iso in uTorrent. I tried resuming it, but it gave me an error (A different one, not parameter is incorrect).

I noticed that the torrent was downloading into my K:\ drive, whereas currently the external HDD was named L:\. So I 'Right Click->Advanced->Set Location'ed the torrent to L:\. I clicked on resume and the torrent started checking. As soon as it reached 37.6%(while checking), it gives me an error: 'Error: Parameter is Incorrect'.

What should I do? This is the first time I'm having this error.

I'm running Windows XP SP3, Compact Allocation - false.

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