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PEX enabled by default on new torrents, 1.4.1 build 411


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When adding new torrents in build 411, it enables Peer Exchange, even though it's turned off in the options dialog.

Semi-relevant options are configured as follows:

Enable DHT Network: True

Enable DHT for new torrents: False

Enable Scraping: False

Peer Exchange: False

I assume desired behaviour is for Peer Exchange to default to off if Peer Exchange is disabled in the options dialog, and allow it to be enabled on a per-torrent basis?

Private trackers generally frown (albeit less so than DHT) on Peer Exchange.

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the private flag disables both, you know that right?

also, turn on the logger and see if it's actually performing any peer exchange.

Well aware. Problem (as I understand it) is that a lot of user-created torrents don't set the private flag when they're supposed to. Which leads, directly or indirectly, to stats-reporting loss, tracker-leeching, etc, according to at least some tracker admins. Long story short, the admins of some sites I use ask that we turn it off, regardless of private flagging, so I do. I just manually enable it for public torrents.

I'll enable logging and report back with whether or not any peer exchanging is actually happening next chance I get.

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Does that really matter? Heh.

The question here is the intended behaviour of the client, not whether or not the admins and/or users of some sites I use are morons. ;)

For the record though, yah, I believe you can force the private flag on with the use of a PHP script. For whatever reason, several of the admins have decided that this isn't good enough/too hard to implement/not worth it since they're about to rework the site anyways with whole new code/etc.

Back to the matter at hand however:

What exactly will a peer exchange look like in the logger? I've tried it on one test torrent so far and didn't see anything immediately obvious.

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Which is why I asked to check if it was still happening. :P

Er, not sure what you mean there ;P

You mean it would, in fact, be immediately obvious in the logger, and the fact that I don't see it means it isn't happening; that the checkbox is just a UI bug? Or...?

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