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a private torrent, how?


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I clicked 'create new torrent' then i selected a directory that i want to share after that i checked the 'start seeding' and 'private torrent' options at bottom.

Now when i clicked 'create and save as' there is a popup it says

"please enter a valid tracker URL? Do you want to continue w/o having any trackers?"

what should i do now?

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can someone explain me this.. English not my first language

"The Tracker

A tracker is an application or script on a system that relays connection information about peers on a given torrent. However, it is most important since without it BitTorrent clients would not know how to find other clients sharing the same files. µTorrent knows which tracker to contact by reading the announce URL in the torrent. Trackers generally look like any other internet address (http//somewebaddress:portnumber/announce). If you need a tracker you may:

* Check the site where you wish to upload the torrent.

* Private sites usually provide their own tracker.

* Public sites may also provide their own tracker, or include the URL of generic ones.

* In a pinch, look at the properties of a torrent you have downloaded from the site you wish to use and copy the tracker from there (but in such a case wait to test the torrent out before uploading it to the site as even those tracker may require you to have registered the torrent with them first).

µTorrent supports HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) trackers. UDP trackers are not supported. µTorrent also supports torrents with multiple trackers; trackers from the same server (with similar URLs) must be grouped together and those from different servers separated by a blank line.

µTorrent contains an "embedded tracker" intended for people wishing to share with a small group for a short period of time. This should not be used for sharing torrent over public or private sites, but only for private stuff and over short periods of time (along the lines of family movies shared with friends and such).

* The embedded tracker URL is: http://your_ip_address:port/announce (where your ip is your computer's ip address and port is µTorrent's listening port)

* The embedded tracker must be enabled in: µTorrent menu > options > preferences > Advanced > bt.enable_tracker: set to "true".

Warning: Using the embedded tracker requires you to have the same IP address and the same port as long as the torrent is active. This means if you use a dynamic IP and randomized port and get disconnected from the internet, your IP and port will get reset, and the torrent will die.


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