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Repeated failed CRCs


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I've been having a problem with utorrent for months, through at least a few updates...

Large files are somehow becoming compromised. I can't attest to whether it happens to all files types. It is most apparent with multi-part archives such as RAR. Download will complete, and when I go to unpack I almost always get errors. Going back to utorrent and "force rechecking" will then find that file(s) to be incomplete. In my process of trial and error, I've taken to pausing until all traffic's stopped on the file, then stopping to recheck, but more often than not with these large, multipart archives each time I'll complete the download another part or three will end up incomplete... I just kinda repeat and repeat until it eventually takes, then I promptly quit utorrent to make sure the file's not being accessed and try and unpack...

I've considered it might be corrupt sectors on the hard drive, but there's no other evidence of such and cursory checks don't show any corrupt sectors.

Any advice or opinions are appreciated,


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