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Individual maximum upload rate bug


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Using build: 15358

Alright, here is the scenario:

I'm seeding several torrents, upload limit at unlimited, my max supported upload bandwidth is 70kBps and this is the actual upload speed, no upload limit set at none of the torrents.

Now I set the maximum upload rate to 5kBps in one of the torrents, then hell breaks loose as the general upload speed plummet to 5-15kbps (only the U/L speed of the selected torrent was supposes to lower), and worse, even if I set the torrent to no upload limits, it's unrecoverable, the general U/L remains dismal.

It recovers only if I close uTorrent and start it again.

Thanks, and I'm available to any further inquiries.

UPDATE: something is very wrong with this beta, the U/L speeds are not recovering even if I restart uTorrent. :(

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