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2 questions - continuing download somewhere else and speed limit


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hi all first time posting for a quick help. hope this is the best place as they're general questions

first question:

is it possible to start a download on one pc, then copy the folder it's in and paste it onto another computer and continue? will utorrent on the second pc auto detect there is the unfinished files and start continuing it?

second question:

i'm with virgin internet so get capped if i download a large amount before midnight. would it be better to limit my download speeds loads so very little is downloaded before midnight but i connect with more users at very slow speed, then after midnight remove the limit so all the people i have connected to can start full speed, or will the speed limit just connect to a few people at full speed possible?


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1/ Of course. Move the incomplete files, and the folder %appdata%\utorrent (settings and history and with .torrents by default).

If on the new computer the path of torrents is the same, uT will resume your torrents.

If the path has changed (like drive letter), use "set a new download location" (right click on torrent job) and force a recheck.

You can use freeware BEncode Editor -see sticky on General subforum- and edit resume.dat. Use function 'find/eplace' to change the path. Save it.

2/ Use scheduler in uT to avoid throttling during peak hours and manage your downloads.

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