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(Almost~) Nothing will download!


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I am currently using a trial bb connection, wich uses a Huwawi Modem & 2wire gateway. I get good speeds, around 18meg, but utorrent will only allow 1 or 2 of every hundred attempted torrents to download. I have been all over the forum, tried all sorts of adjustments, to no avail. Also tried allowing an exception for utorrent in the 2wire's setup page, still no joy. I'm using version 1.8.2. Any help / ideas would be very much appreciated...

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Tried doing this just now, no connection to the internet & wouldn't allow me to "login" to the router via the model is hauwai EcholifeHG510v, I was told I need both bits of kit (ethernet'ed together) for the trial to work - ?

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They are:

connection type - xx/10mb

upload limit : 0.0

Connections: (per-torrent) :125

Max active Torrents: 15

Upload slots: 30

Connections (global): 850

Max active Downloads: 15

Current port: 47786 - NOT forwarded properly -

This is where the problems are, I have tried forwarding thru the 2wire, but still no joy before - I'm assuming this is becuase theres also some issue with the Huawei.

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