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Upload Problems


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Hi all,

my download speed works just fine for my computer but the file isn't uploaded at all even though it has 8 peers and 7 seeds during and after the file is/has downloaded

I have tried port forwarding, firewall exceptions, limiting upload speed, encryption, basically every guide i could find on the internet and I have no idea what the problem is.

Any help will be appreciated as I am on a tracker that requires a 1:1 ratio :(

update: just downloaded the open office torrent that is recommended on the speed guide and downloading at 235.5kb/s and uploading at an average of 5kb/s on a wireless internet connection. It's only picking up 1 peer out of 146.

update #2:now able to upload on this private tracker, download at around 250kb/s and upload at about 5 to 7 kb/s which is about normal, after download, only uploads occassionally for 1/2 peers at about 1kb/s.

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Continue sharing what you have, even using Force Start on those torrents if you have to. I'm assuming very few will be active at once...otherwise you'll be thoroughly overloading your connection!

Get unfirewalled if you're not already.

Check to see if you're losing connection on peers really quick in uTorrent's logger window. You may have to right-click in that window to log connects/disconnects.

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