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torrent anounce when uploaded in irc


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Hello all,

I want to ask if it's possible to make uTorrent to announce my uploaded torrents (if it's possible the ones I choose) in mIRC like this:

<ReleaseServ> Torrent: link to the torrent

<ReleaseServ> Size: filesize of the torrent | Comment: channel+server (in mIRC)

<ReleaseServ> Release: the name of the torrent


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Not entirely, since one can't grab the .torrent file URL from WebUI. Also, I'd imagine it would be rather ugly for the script to be constantly polling WebUI to find newly added torrents.

At any rate, Lord Alderaan has a mIRC script that does access WebUI. It doesn't do what you want, but it can perhaps form a base for such a script.

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