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Big Risk?


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I use utorrent for a long time now but i always had a low down/up speed because i didn't open a port.

Now after 2 years i decided to open one.

And it worked.

Faster download/upload speed.

BUT now my computer is extra vulnerable to hackers Isn't it?

In my router i opened the port in Virtual Servers, Not in port triggering.

I'm very scared that my pc is going to be attacked, and i REALLY don't want that because i do a lot of business and stuff on my PC, and i really don't a hacker to get that information.

Help me pls?

Is this true? What can i do to make my PC invulnerable to hackers?

Or do I've to close the port every time i exit utorrent?

Or is the risk that a hackers finds my port like 1/100000000000000

I only opened 1 port.

I hope you guys can help me with this problem.


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Port forwarding isn't just "open the door for people to come in". Port forwarding is "put a net around the door to catch visitors, and open the door". That "net" is the application listening to the port (in this case, µTorrent). If the net has a security hole, then yes, unwanted visitors can get in. If not, then the net should be doing its job and catching wanted visits, and ignoring unwanted visits.

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