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Seeding issue


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Utorrent 1.8.3/greenlit

tcpip event log patch installed (lvl lord)

winXP sp3

verizon fios (speed test:down=6.65MB/up=0.40MB)

Actiontec router

ports forwarded properly

static ip -check

windows firewall toggled off

Avast antivirus

I have read all of what I can find in utorrent and have scoured the web. I recently started uploading bit torrent. I have always come to expect great download speed and good upload speeds as well. Until I up a torrent or two. (I've only done 3). Everything seems fine on the site's side of things. I've had friends download but with limited speeds. With my connection, I would think I could achieve a much faster upload speed but, to no avail.

In utorrent when looking at the seed/peers columns it shows no seed outside of the swarm. This goes for all finished torrents. Did I miss something along the way or skip that part somewhere? Does it have to do with my poor upload speed.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


ps-DHT,local peer disc,peer exchange all enabled and working

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I'm trying to seed a torrent+ find a way to increase bandwidth for that purpose

issues:(that I've seen)

1.Utorrent doesn't display me outside of the parenthesis (swarm) as the seeder

2.I seemingly have minimal upload speeds even though everything I've done has checked out (ie-port forwarding,static ip,tcp ip patch,etc)

Just saw a post above mine discussing peers/logger/pieces not showing up hmmm...

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