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More upload speed than shown


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I'm not sure if I am in the right section, but here's my problem.


First of, let me say that I'm on Rogers with a 60gig cap limit.

As you can see in my screen, I have put the upload speeds to 1kB for the three active torrents, in Utorrent's tittle bar you can see it going at D:353k U:1.74k.

But on Netmeter it shows that I'm uploading at 14.0kb, I have tested it with another meter and it still shows at 14.0kb upload speed.

Note: I reseted all logs when all torrrents were at 0%

While Utorrent shows I only uploaded less than 1 MB, my report says I already uploaded 13.87MB, that's more than 10% of what is shown.

Is this how Torrent programs works? Or is it just me?


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After setting the value to true, it seems the 1kb upload limit is lifted and all torrents seed at the maximum speed it can.

On Utorrent's status bar it jumped from 1-2kb to 20-30kb Upload, while net meter shows the same 20-30kb as it did before I set the value to true.

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Thanks, I will post my results.


Ok, I followed the guide and after playing around with my upload speed I still cannot reduce my overhead. It still a constant 20-30kb Upload.

Since I started my downloads Utorrent says I only uploaded 1.7MB, but Netmeter shows 108.25MB

Damn.. I was wondering how I've been uploading 6gigs every month..

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