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Strange problem connecting to new peers after IP changes.


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I was downloading the test openoffice, with about 40 peers connected. The Internet was disconnected and a new IP was assigned. Then it seemed like the torrent could not connect to more then about 10 peers for some reason.

I tried to stop & start the DL but nothing. I exited uT and re-ran it - and it was OK - got the 40 peers...

Is it a bug ? can you check it please ?

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well, I'll redefine the symptoms:

Starting uT with OO - immediately gets about 40 peers connected (in 5 sec...)

Stopping+restarting the DL - same thing

Then changing IP (disconnect+connect) - it builds up the peers VERY gradually - about 3 min - for the first 20, 3 min for the next 20 ...

Maybe - some disconnect timeouts on the peers' side ?

My bt.connect_speed is - 50

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I have the same problem, after an IP change utorrent reconnects to less than half of the peers / seeds, but if i close utorrent and reopen it, it connects to all the seeds/peers, it's a really annoying bug since my isp disconnects me every 12 hours...

For example, in a torrent i have 4 seeds and 9 peers, after the ip change, utorrent connects only to 3 seeds and 1 peer, which leaves me with a pityful download/upload.

I'm connecting through a speedtouch 510 router via PPOE (speedtouch firewall is disabled and ports are correctly forwarded), and forwarding the ports to my winxp sp2 box (unpatched half-open connections).

Maybe utorrent does not "retry" to reconnect to the other peers/seeds as much as it should (just a thought).

Firon -> I can reproduce the bug, if you need me to test something, just tell me ;)



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