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Speed downloads - were really high suddenly not?


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Okay I'm downloading a movie seeds are good I think? at 73 (1041) and peers at 52 (2419)

- Firewall is okay Ive got a green tick, sorted it all out last week enabled the port

- I done a utube video toldl me what settings to use and it made my downloads go from 0.2kb (PATHETIC) to over 300kb!!!!

This was last week... now i've come to use bittorrent again and the download speeds can't get past 25kb and are basically sticking to less than 10kb.

Any ideas why?

- Btw - does it take time to 'warm up' and get bigger as time goes on or should get reach 100+kb automatically?

&& sometimes for like 1 minute i will shoot up to 80kb but go straight back down to 7kb

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Please reset your settings (see here for how):


YouTube settings are hostile to everyone and don't help even if NOT throttled!

...and try mine instead:


You probably don't have more than an absolutely pathetic 256 kilobit/second upload speed thanks to the throttling by British Telecom (BT Central) ADSL ISP in UK. :(

uTorrent v1.8.3 is your best bet right now for slightly more speed.

Try disabling UPnP, NAT-PMP (under Connection), DHT (both kinds), Local Peer Discovery, Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of a torrent), reduce bt.connect speed to 1-4 and net.max_halfopen to 8 (both in advanced settings).

Set outgoing encryption to FORCED and then test incoming legacy (no encryption) connections both on and off over a few hours periods each with router+modem resets in between.

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