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Switching uTorrent to a different drive.


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Hi! I have searched and cannot seem to find the answer I am looking for. :)

I wish to reformat my C: drive. Currently my uTorrent is installed on C:, but all my torrents are on D:.

Is there anyway I can move uTorrent to D: and still keep all my files/ratio/etc loaded into uTorrent?


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Excellent! Thank you! :)


Just format and reinstalled, copied all the appdata back into the uTorrent folder, and everything carried on seeding as if nothing had ever happened.

Cheers moogly! :D

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Well, I kind of have the same problem. I have had FIVE out of EIGHT WD 1.5TB drives crash and I have lost and moved my torrents so many times in the last month and a half, it ain't funny and NOW, the fifth drive just crashed and of course, not only did I lose a bunch of torrents I AGAIN have to reload everything.

I've already posted about this several times but it seems that every time I have this problem, it gets harder and harder to recoup my torrents.

Anyway, I can generally just move all my stuff back, (the backup that is) to a new drive and either point the directories to in utorrent to the right place or simply rename drive and folders so they match what's in utorrent.

Well, this time I tried to do this and point to the backup on the NAS which is connected through my network but no go.

I reinstalled utorrent and again, no go.

FIrst question. Can I do this over the network or not or does the drive it's stored on need to be on my computer. Ie. where the torrents are stored, NOT the program.

Second, I just figured out that I can label different torrents so that they are in different categories. Very cool but if I now toss out the settings files (IF I have to delete them that is) would I have to relabel my 450 torrents again?)

Finally, how the hell (again and for the third time I think) do I get all my torrents and data back up to where they were? Can I point to the NAS and if so, why is it not working or do I have to move stuff back to another drive on the computer and then force a recheck or reload all the torrents again?

Finally, is there someone extremely knowledgeable that would consider talking me through this over the phone so I can get it right for once AND see if my port is forwarded for max speed?

I can make the call and I can call internationally, no problem.



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%appdata% is where µT data is stored. you can use BEncode Editor to change your directory. (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306)

I can't test the network drive side of things, but you could try mounting it as a network drive. In XP/Vista you should be able to open any folder, go to tools, map network drive. Using this option with µT you would want to make sure you "reconnect at logon".

If you remove you settings you will have to re-label your torrents.

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It's not the best way.

If you have to move a batch of torrents onto your NAS or another external drive, just use freeware BEncode Editor to edit resume.dat and change the drive letter(and the filepath if necessary) of torrents you have moved.

Like that you don't need to reload them and force a recheck.

A good way is to save .torrent files in a folder of %appdata%\utorrent (and set it in Preferences > Directories) on your primary drive (often the drive internal to the computer).

Following this way, you can back up easily %appdata%\utorrent with your history, settings & .torrents.

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