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not connecting to any seeds and peers


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Hi! I couldn't find a solution with the Search function.

Everything seems to be fine - I get blue icons, plenty of seeds and peers showing, responsive trackers, but still all my up- and downloads are stuck on infinity, with 0 active connections to seeds and peers.

I already un- and rechecked utorrent in my firewall settings, with restarting both the program and the laptop in-between, to no avail.

I'm currently trying to download 4 and seed 48 torrents, with a total number of 100 active torrents and 50 downloading ones allowed in the settings.

The problem started a few days ago.

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As far as I can tell, the only thing that changed is the number of total torrents loaded into the program. When I had only about 3-10 torrents, everything worked fine.

I did upgrade to 1.8.3 at some point, too, but I can't remember when that was.

I'm using Windows (XP) Firewall and AntiVir Personal.


utorrent's currently seeding 1 out of 52 torrents with about 60 kb/s.


Another thing: I've just stopped all but two of my uploads, and suddenly the downloads connect just fine. But of course this can't be the permanent solution, because how am I supposed to seed like this?

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