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Opening A Port

BootLegg Tom

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Hello everyone,

I am kinda familiar with port forwarding but never had to use it due to the fact that my connection was a dial-up one. Now that has changed, and I believe I need to open a port on my router/wireless card. I just recently installed the latest version of uTorrent, configured most of the options I knew of and proceeded to download a torrent. The download proceeds fine with speeds averaging a little over 100kB/s...not the greatest but compared to dial-up it's flipping awsome!! My issue is that I have the yellow icon down at the bottom stating that I have no incoming connections. I have allowed the connection through my software firewall but think that the problem lies with my router/wireless card which is a Novatel Wireless MiFi2200 through Sprint. It has options for portforwarding as well as port filtering. Under the portforwarding tab it lists different protocols that one can check to allow access ie; FTP; SMPT; HTTP; HTTPS, etc... PTP is not on there. Also, when checking one of those options one must put an IP address in - would that be the IP of my pc or the IP of the Router? Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated...

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