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thanks for the "nice" welcome to this forum


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Well, I joined today so I could suggest an addition to utorrent, I made my post and then continued to reply to a thread I had noticed while looking through the 1st few pages of the suggtestions section to see if my idea had been posted before, by the time I finished my 2nd post my 1st had been oved to the trash section and my ideas refused pointblank, they are functions that sre offered in another torrent client and which work perfectly well in that client which I had hoped could be added to as apart from the lack of those functions I do prefer utorrent but the lack of those functions leaves me with no alternative but to go back to using the other client for my uploads as utorrent usually takes at least twice as long to upload a full release.

I feel that moving that post to the trash in was totally unneccessary as it would at least save others from having to make the same request, for all I know some1 made exactly the same request yesterday only for it to be moved to the trash bin.

My second post, something which I feel was extremely useful advice on how to spot fake movie files in reply to some1 else's request about prioritizing the 1st section of a file, which indeed some1 had alsready explained how to do, was also moved to the trash bin, why exactly was this moved? the other reply about prioritizing the 1st and last part of the file and indeed my own reply about using VLC media player to spot fake AVI and DivX fies were very good advice and extremely useful and I see absolutely no reason for throwing good advice in the trash bin. Did the mod who moved it even read the whole post?

Well, as I say, very nice welcome to your forum, I dont think I will be returning and I will be using your client a lot less as well now I know there is no chance of the improvements I suggested, I only get 40kb/s upload speed but utorrent rarely makes full use of all of that when I am trying to seed a new release and I get single peers who end up comleteing their download while every1 else is still at 50% because I am unable to stop them from eating all of my upload while they reseed none of it leaving me having to usually upload a ratio of over 2-1 with utorrent when I could get as low as 1.2-1 with my previous client. Saying no to my suggestions I can understand, throwing them in the trash thogh is just an insult, bb

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If you think throwing your suggestions to the trash is an insult, then look at what you did.

You blatantly disregarded the forum's rules when you made your post because of two things:

1> Your feature requests were BOTH previously requested.

2> You posted multiple feature requests in the same thread.

BOTH of these actions are in violation of the rules posted in the feature requests section.

You might have thought the suggestions were a good idea, but we've seen them requested before.

If you want to improve how much bandwidth you use on uploading tasks, use initial seed mode. It forces a more widely distributed piece metric that improves upload.

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