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µTorrent Mac 0.9.2 alpha


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I'd like to start off by saying thank you to the developers for providing utorrent free of charge.

I'm posting to inform you that for some reason, I cannot download some files from Demonoid. Some torrents work - I get a blue arrow saying all is working fine and the torrent downloads with no problems.

Some torrents from the same site downloads with a red arrow - without any problems regarding peer connections.

However, some torrents don't download at all - they have a red arrow, shows the number of seeders and leechers while no downloading/uploading activity takes place.

My connection status is green and I have no port forwarding issues. I have noticed that this issue is common to all sites, not just to Demonoid. Some torrents work, and some don't, and a some work with a red arrow.

Any idea on why this is?

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I've noticed somewhat the same problem. There are red arrows on some torrents that on the previous non-alpha had green arrows. Ports are forwarded properly, and they connect just fine, just has a red arrow for some reason. However, I have no clue what's wrong, because it just gives me a red arrow and nothing else. Perhaps this is a time the developers should expand tracker/connection error reporting in the torrent?

Is there a debug mode or something that will show all errors that are occurring?

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I'm relieved to see that I wasn't the only one experiencing problems, I'm not a nut after all :)

I installed Snow Leopard yesterday, and utorrent keeps on shutting down after a few minutes - has anyone else experienced this problem?

EDIT: I just realised that utorrent shuts down automatically when the display goes to sleep - not the computer itself, just the display.

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