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Scheduling jobs


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Hello there,

I've been using utorrent for a month and so far I like it but I would really like it even more if it had a scheduling feature for the jobs. The previous bittorrent client that I used for 4 years had this feature and it was really useful.

I want to be able to assign (to any job) after how many hours it starts downloading or to start at a specific time and day. For example, I can set the job to start downloading after 3 hours or at 1pm in 28-08-2009, etc. I think it's pretty simple!

It's really annoying to have to check on utorrent hundreds of times a day just to add new jobs. I just want to schedule the jobs to start downloading at specific times and get it over with, especially when I'm out of town or away from my pc.

I can't imagine anybody not finding such a feature useful/necessary!!

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