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Restoring all my seeds??


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Hi, (I hope is teh right forum...)

Recently I upgraded from Win XP to Win 7. As you may know is a clean installation - so I had to reinstall my Bittorrent client.

I had around 60GB that I used to seed. Now these 60GB of data are only in my HDD... How do I seed it all again? I dont have the original torrents or anything. Also I dont want to start any manual work (60GB...).



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If you saved the .torrent files by default in this folder, they have been erased too.

You have to retrieve each .torrent (from tracker/indexer of course) and follow the migration guide given previously (read auto-load function to load a batch of torrents into uT).

Next time, save folder %appdata%\utorrent before formatting/reinstalling your OS.

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