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Where's the standalone version?


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The FAQ suggests that there's a version of µTorrent that does not have an installer [1]. Where can I get it?

I guess it could be a solution to my problems. I'm having tons of issues with the regular installer version, due to having a multi-user computer. Installing two separate copies of the software outside the Program Files hierarchy seemed to work for a few days, but now I get the install wizard instead of the program, every time, and it won't go past the UAC prompt (it just vanishes as soon as it's granted admin rights).

[1] http://www.utorrent.com/faq/installation#faq1

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You are right, there's a checkbox in the wizard I hadn't noticed. If I uncheck it, the program does start. Thank you!

One last question... Are there two versions of the software or not? FAQ says:

No, it is a stand-alone application, unless you use the installer version

Now I'm not sure about what installer version actually means.

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