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So, after much prodding and picking apart of Win7 and uTorrent v 1.8.4, and after trying Linux OSes until I'm blue in the face, I am turning to you guys for help. No matter what settings I choose (even less than the conservative settings listed in the chart in these forums) and by following all the steps in the FAQ, and after creating a registry key to turn off all IPv6, I *still* have the following issue.

When I start my downloads, they will reach somewhere around 1.7-2.0 MB/s, and cruise there for a good 3-4 minutes (if I'm lucky). Then they plummet to 0, killing my internet connection in the process. After a few minutes, they will start back up, only to fall back to 0 again. After 2-3 rounds of this, I get the yellow warning triangle over my connection icon in the status bar, indicating I am no longer connected to the internet. If I completely close out uTorrent and sit for 30-45 seconds, my internet magically comes back.

This occurred in Linux as well (no matter what torrent program I have selected). I have the ports properly forwarded on my AT&T U-Verse 2WIRE router/gateway/whatever. I have a beautiful green icon in uTorrent the entire time I am running it, even when it is failing. I tested using the Glasnost website, and my ISP is not throttling my P2P traffic. I have a Linksys WMP54G wireless NIC. My processor is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0GHz processor. I went and installed their optimizer, with no change.

One thing that I have noticed - Windows XP (somehow) allowed it to work, ish. However, I am trying to get away from XP. I want to be able to function in Windows Vista/7, and also have another partition for Linux. I feel as though I've tried everything that I have been able to find on these forums, but haven't really found anything pertaining specifically to Win7 other than one post in the troubleshooting forum. Any suggestions would be welcome, and if you need anything else posted I can do that as well.


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