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limited to only 10 connections


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for some reason utorrent only connects to 10 torrents at one time

if i have 10 seeding i have to pause one to download another torrent

but then i can only seed 10 which isnt great as i have 30 or more going

i have it set to 100 active connections but this didnt help

i have 20mbit connection so thats not the problem

but i must say that i didnt have this problem with xp as im now on windows 7

any help would be great


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its not helped ive still only got 10 active connections

i never had this problem before didnt matter how many downloads uploads i had they would all be doing something

i have to pause all uploads to download if i dont it just sits there

does this have anything to do with windows 7? never had any problems when i was on xp!

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i hadnt changed anything until i started having problems.

i never mess with the setting normaly cause it worked great from the off but its not working as it should now

it didnt matter how many torrents i had going if i started a new torrent it would download straight away but now it dont

but it seems worse now if i restart utorrent it only starts 2 - 3 downloads and the rest only start when i pause my uploads which isnt how it been for the time ive been using utorrent which is years

now my uploads arent even seeding, great!!!!

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Some confusion here...

You (juggler73) said, "its not helped ive still only got 10 active connections"

Later you said, "i even started with just 10 torrents only and added 1 download and it didnt start until i paused a upload"

Are you confusing torrents for active connections (peers/seeds)?

Are there tracker issues OR half open limits being exceeded?

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i was testing with 10 torrents that was seeding only, then i started a torrent that hadnt finished downloading and it just sits there not connecting to any of the seeders or peers but as soon as i pause the torrents that are seeding the downloading torrent starts.


reinstalled utorrent so its all default

set connection type to xx20mbit

upload limit 2.1

max active torrents 15

max active downloads 15

upload slots 30

connections 850

but with 10 seeding torrents only a new download wont start until i pause the 10 seeding torrents

its doing my head in

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