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Problems after upgrade to 1.84

the fifth horseman

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Until very recently I've been using uTorrent 1.5 and had no problems.

Then I registered on a private tracker and found out they don't allow uT 1.5, onl 1,6 and higher.

I went and upgraded to 1.84, since that's the most recent version.

After leaving uT running overnight, I find all of the torrents reporting a tracker error, no clients connected and the operating system unable to connect to the internet. A reboot fixes the problem for the most part, but it occurs again after a few hours.

In addition, after that happens, closing uT and attempting to run any other application I receive an error message about insufficient memory.

The machine I'm using is positively archaic, with a 450 mHz CPU, an old PCChips motherboard (if my memory serves, M748LMRT), either 310 ot 374 MB of RAM (forgot the exact amount really), and Windows 98SE as the operating system.

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The basic problem here is that I used the same exact peer / quequeing / bandwidth settings in 1.5 with no crashes (in fact, it was running concurrently with DC++ most of the time, sometimes also eMule as well):

Maximum upload rate 35 kB/s

Maximum download rate 25 kB/s

Global maximum connections 38

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent 18

Number of upload slots per torrent 4

Maximum number of active torrents 6

Maximum number of active downloads 2

I've read the FAQ, disabled UPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping, disabled peer IP resolution and modified the following settings:

bt.connect_speed 10

gui.graphic_progress false

gui.update_rate 30000

net.max_halfopen 4

This seems to have resolved the issue at least as far as I can tell for the moment.

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