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LAN boost


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Many users have home networks with speeds much greater than internet access.

uTorrent feature "use local peer discovery" may not work because it uses broadcasting, which is usually disabled by provider.

So the only option to boost download/upload speed is to connect to home network peers via standard means.

You could use uTorrent IP filter, set your LAN IP mask, but that is very unconvinient, because if there are no LAN peers for particular torrent, there is no download/upload at all.

Is there a way to set up preferred subnet mask, without disabling other peers? So that uTorrent tries to connect to peers included in preferred mask first, any other peers later...

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Prior to making this post, I've searched uTorrent forum with keywords "lan" "local network" "preferred" etc, could not find anything usefull.

Now I also googled "bittorent swarm damage" and found nothing related to peer preferencing.

I'm not familiar with specific terms, so could you please explain what damage exactly this feature would cause.

Also I can't imagine the damage "preferred subnet" (missing) feature can cause that "ip filter" (present) feature can't.

BTW another I hope less arguable feature - hot enable/disable ip filter for particular torrent - could be workaround for this problem

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>>LPD uses multicast.

As I said before, any broadcasting protocol (broadcast, multicast, etc) is often disabled by provider because it's often exploited by viruses.

LPD also has another disadvantage. AFAIK it's not guaranteed that peer found via LPD is registered at the tracker I use, and I surely don't want to spend my upload traffic without increasing ratio at my tracker. even if it's nice downloading without decreasing ratio :)

but that's a little offtopic, please comment on my previous post

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