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This probably makes sense


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So, I'll skip to the good stuff.

Basically I used to be with Orange (My UK ISP). Never had a problem with downloading on uTorrent. Apart from the occasional unplugging of the router because they blocked my income due to Fair Trade.

In the now - Switched to TalkTalk, Read on a list somewhere that they are an ISP that limits torrents?, I don't know the extent of how much they do but right now I am downloading at less than 10Kbs and I have a connection of about 3mb-5mb (Talktalk keep fucking with my speeds due to landline distance).

Also I do have a open port right now - I see the little green tick - Only problem is that it is 7457 or something, so initially that is out of the price range we're looking for I'd assume?

Now my other question is this: If D = Downloading - does T = What I should be downloading?, Because I'm seeing some nice juicy numbers that I ain't getting.


Using uTorrent 1.8.3, and yes - each torrent has seeds of 20-30 people.

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