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Horribly slow upload speed only with uTorrent please help


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Okay where should i start, i was using BitComet before and it was downloading and uploading without problems my max upload speed is around 80 kB/s and when i start BitComet it starts uploading 80 kB/s almost right from the start.

But since i cant use bitcomet with alot of private trackers i needed to use uTorrent, the download speed i get with uTorrent is LOTS of faster then with BitComet like 600 to 1mb or higher, but im having so much trouble with uploading, i always have torrents with lots of seeds and peers like i said the download speed is good but the uploads wont go higher then 1 to 4 kB/s or so, the highest i got was like 10 kB/s and i had to let uTorrent on the whole day for that and eventually dropped to 4 to 1 kB/s again.

the ports are forwarded and i dont think i have any setting wrong i read alot of posts here regarding low upload speeds and tried most of the tips that i read, but realy NOTHING worked.

i even gave up on utorrent with uploading and downloaded Vuze but it makes my pc SO slow when running, i realy want to use uTorrent so bad, but right now using uTorrent only gives me a very bad share rate at private trackers.

please help me i dont have any clue what to do, if more info is need please tell me what you need to know.


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Basic BitTorent Features

Enable DHT Network - Yes

Enable DHT for new torrents - Yes

Enable Local Peer Discovery - Yes

Ask tracker for scrape information - Yes

Enable Peer Exchange - Yes

Limit local peer bandwidth - No

IP/Hostname to report to tracker - none

Protocol Encryption - Disabled, Allow incoming legacy connections - Yes

they are on default i guess, anything wrong?

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Dido... I am having same issue.

Averaging 800kB/s download and 4 kB/s upload.

Using static IP and forwarded port in the 60000 range.

Disabled UPnP & NAT

Conservative Setting for 1mbit/s

<a href="http://speedtest.dslreports.com"><img border=0 src="http://www.dslreports.com/im/78494188/5589.png"></a>

Disabled DHT & Local Peer

Enabled Scrape

Disabled Exchange & Local Peer Bandwidth

Enabled Encrypt & Legacy Connect

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Peer Exchange is very useful on public torrents and doesn't require/make additional connections like DHT and LPD do.

Does the torrents you're on have peers interested in downloading from you?

Does the very low upload persist even in seed-only mode? (by using Scheduler's seed-only mode)

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Unless you're experiencing Disk Overload in uTorrent (which should appear at bottom left corner of uTorrent's window if it's happening), there are only 2 possibilities I deem likely with such poor results:

1.Your ISP is throttling BitTorrent uploads (and probably downloads too)

2.Your computer and/or networking is seriously screwed up. Anything change (however trivial) in the last month? Virus/Trojan/Malware, bad drivers, bad software firewalls, file/media indexers, antivirus file scanners...ANY of those could be causing the problem. :(

I doubt you have a loose network cable, but it's remotely possible your modem, router, or network card is overheating and slowing way down.

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If you are using private tracker's you need to change these setting

Enable DHT Network - No

Enable DHT for new torrents - No

Enable Local Peer Discovery - No

Ask tracker for scrape information - Yes

Enable Peer Exchange - No

Limit local peer bandwidth - No

Dont think it will help your speed problem though

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