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Utorrent Crashing


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Hi All,

I've been runing Utorrent for years, But over the past few days it's been crashing,

I've not changed anything, Here is a screen shoot of the error.



Notice is says something about my firewall, I've always had this firewall on. I've added Utorrent to the allowed programs (again) but it's still not working. I cant disable this as it's my firewall! and it was working normally for ages.

I turned off the firewall and tested it and it still wouldnt work !! SO now what ?

any help would be great,


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I got that software with my motherboard I think..

Anyways i got the PC working again. But I cant remove that Nvidia forceware... anytime i click on it in the "add/remove programs" area it loads as if it's doing something then just stops.. i've tried it over 20 times now and it does the same thing,,,, Is there any other way to remove it?

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